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I promise angel.
I will make this night.
the night you will always remember.
the night that you will never forget.
the night you will be up screaming about.
with your fingers six inches inside you.
as to beg for remembrance.
I will be the best thing ever done to you .
but the worst thing that has ever happend.
tonight will be the night you will be searching for for the rest of your life.
tonight will be the scars on your body.
the disappointment
every time someone touches you.
and when you have no where else  to search the noose around your neck like my lips on your throat.
now close your eyes.
and let me love you to death.
Love you to death.
I don't have much more to say.
Then I already did.


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I don't wait up at night anymore hoping that you will text me in the dead of the night when you are feeling alone.
I no longer dream of the day that you will remember me and finally come home.
I no longer call your number just to hear your voice.
I no longer read your letters that you use to write me, so long ago.
I no longer look up your picture to see your face.
I no longer hold my pillow tight closing my eyes and imaging your embrace.
No. I am no longer sad that I have lost you.
Lost such a dear friend.
I am no longer sad that I don't hear from you.
I am no longer sad that the man I truly love, after eight years has forgotten my name.
No.. I am happy.
I am happy because
I have never seen you so happy, then I have seen you with her.
A happiness that I have only found with you.
A happiness that I.. Just couldn't give you.
Yes I cry.. It still hurts that your gone.
Like when I turn on the radio and I hear that song. Darling. But darling be free and darling be well. For a short time I had you. As long as the song,
But darling its over.
I can't get you back.
No matter how I try.
So stay happy my love.
In her arms I do pray.
That where ever your happy, I hope darling you'll stay.

God how I wish those words were true.
No.. All I ever think about is you.
Every day since you iileft.
I text you knowing I won't get a respond.
I call you knowing you won't pick up. And that I won't hear the sound, of your voice.
I have your picture on the wall next to all your letters. That I read when I feel alone.
And My pillow holds all the tears I cry. You've taken everything from me.
But you can't take away a memory.
Even my dreams can't forget you.
Forget how we use to be.
I wil love you forever.
And  how I pray that someday you will forget her and remember me.
Yes I hope your happy and I hope you stay that way. But how can you be so happy..
She's taken you away.
From me. From your family.. I can't change your mind. But as long as it takes. I'll be here for you. I'm prepared to wait.

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